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Product Description

ANON Agriculture Orchard Automatic Xihu (West Lake) Dis.g Garden Sprayer

Product Description

 ANON Agriculture Tractor Mounted Orchard Pump Sprayer

The WGF-300A air-feeding fruit forest sprayer is a research and development of our company's broad scientific and technical personnel under the guidance of the ideology and concept of pioneering and serving the fruit farmers, and has worked hard to solve the problems, and has solved 1 problem after another. New chapter. It fills the gap of domestic advanced pesticide application machinery, improves the application efficiency and application effect of fruit farmers. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of fruit farmers. On the premise of satisfying the application effects, it reduces the use of pesticides and reduces costs. Reduce the loss of pesticides and pollution to the environment.


This machine is not only small in size, light in weight, easy to operate, and flexible in walking ((3WGF-300A crawler can make 180° U-turn in situ)), adopts double high pressure superposition, and the nozzle imported from Germany forms a 280° fan shape under the push of high pressure air flow The continuous atomization work belt unfolded, under the impetus of power, in the area where the machine passes, the airflow overturns the leaves and forest fruit, so that the front and back sides of the leaves are evenly and fully applied, and the control effect is improved. This machine is a fruit farmer Ideal for application machinery.


This machine is suitable for large-area planting of grapes, apples, pears, peach orchards and other orchards.


Model 3WGF-300A
 Power (kW/r/min)  38/2400
 Working pressure of medicine pump (MPa)  1.2-1.5
 Medicine pump flow (L/min) 80
 Spray volume (L/min use different caliber spray head) 11~30
 Medicine box volume (L)  600
 Dimensions (m)  3.86×1.2×1.41
 Spray width (m)  ≥35
 Spray height (m)  ≥10
 Spray walking speed (m/min)   45-60
 Normal walking speed (km/h)  43289

Main feature:

ANON Agriculture Tractor Mounted Orchard Pump Sprayer

1.High application efficiency and good effect:


   the high-pressure airflow and high-pressure liquid produced by the high-pressure fan are fully mixed at the air outlet of the fan to form a 280° ring shape, with a width of 18 meters and a height of 8 meters. Under the impetus of power, due to the strong atomizing airflow, the leaves and fruit of the fruit tree are turned over, so that the front and back of the leaves are evenly and adequately used to occupy the medicine, and the application effect is improved. The application rate is 30-45 meters per minute, and the daily application is 130-150 acres, which is equivalent to the application efficiency of 30-40 people/day in the existing conventional application methods.


2. Save pesticides, reduce costs, reduce pesticide losses, and protect the environment.


    At the air outlet of the fan, due to the combined effect of the above double high-pressure superposition, the German nozzle technology is adopted, and the atomized mist droplets are extremely fine, adsorbed on the front and back sides of the blade and the surface of the fruit, which will not cause the liquid medicine to flow and effectively control the medicine. The pollution of the liquid to the environment can save 40-50% of pesticides, save pesticides and reduce costs.


3. Equipped with jet device:


    In the 300L medicine box, a high-pressure jet device is installed. During the application process, the high-pressure water flow is ejected through the jet device, which causes the medicine liquid in the medicine box to continuously rotate, effectively preventing the separation and precipitation of the medicine and water, and ensuring the application of the medicine. quality.


4. Pressure relief and negative pressure reflux:


    The system is composed of a pressure relief device, a return water tank, and a negative pressure recovery device. It ensures that immediately after spraying stops, the residual liquid in the sprayed medicine tube quickly flows into the return water tank through the pressure relief device, and then is sucked into the medicine box by the negative pressure recovery device In the middle, effective control is often due to the nozzle and the height of the nozzle.


5 Small size, light weight, easy operation, small turning radius, safe and reliable, and wide application:


    The 3WGF-300A machine is operated with a joystick, which is convenient, simple, reliable, easy to operate, and has a small turning radius, which can be turned 180° in place. Because the height is only about 1.2 meters, it is especially suitable for low-growing orchard operations. The crawler walking mode, for orchards with high humidity, especially water-tight peach plantations, the crawler will not move due to subsidence.


Agricultural Parts and How They Work

The term "agricultural parts" covers many different mechanical devices used in agriculture. Agricultural machinery includes power tools, tractors, and countless other farm implements. Aside from these, it also covers hand tools. Here are some common examples of agricultural parts. Read on to learn more. Below are some common parts and how they work. If you own a tractor, consider purchasing a new set of agricultural parts. Just-in-time delivery is an excellent option for a quick turnaround on parts and components.


Steel agricultural parts are used in the production of many types of agricultural machinery. They are used in tractors, combine harvesters, balers, mowers, and more. Because of the high wear resistance and tensile strength of steel, these parts require special properties. One such metal is Robalon. A short overview of this material is given below. To learn more about its benefits and application, read on. Here is a look at the qualities of Robalon.
Different steels are used for the housing of the Gearbox. Different manufacturers have different requirements. In addition to being lightweight and durable, steel agricultural parts must meet different material standards to perform their functions well. When choosing steel for your gearbox, keep these factors in mind. In addition to the weight and strength, you should also consider the type of gearbox. Gearbox housing is the first part that gets ruined in your tractor. If you buy a cheap steel housing, it will have poor quality.
Other benefits of steel include its resistance to chemical pesticides and its malleability. Steel also makes soil and dirt easier to wipe off. In addition to being corrosion-resistant, steel is also 100% recyclable. Its antimicrobial properties may also make it suitable for outdoor use. So, if you are looking for agricultural equipment parts, choose a steel farm machinery manufacturer. The benefits of steel agricultural parts are many. You can use them in the construction of various types of agricultural equipment.
Boron steel has many benefits in agricultural equipment. Boron steel is a good option for agricultural machinery parts, because of its high resistance to rust and corrosion. It is also very resistant to heat, which saves farmers a lot of time and money in replacing parts. In addition to its corrosion-resistant properties, boron steel also possesses great abrasion and heat resistance. It also is a good option for agricultural equipment that requires heavy loads.

Structural steel

Agricultural buildings made of structural steel are designed to hold livestock and agricultural equipment while remaining secure. These structures are lightweight and sturdy, offering a high level of thermal performance and insulation continuity. They are durable, sturdy, and rot/pest resistant, which makes them an excellent choice for many agricultural applications. Agricultural buildings made of structural steel can be easily customized, and you can choose from a variety of accessories, such as second-floor mezzanines, mansard systems, walk-through doors, and more. They can easily be altered to suit any renovation or change in business needs.
Today, high-strength steel is an excellent choice for structural parts in agricultural machinery. It allows agricultural equipment to withstand virtually any environmental condition, and its well-designed components increase reach and lifting capacity while maintaining strength and stability. As harvesters become more complex and cover more acres per hour, the need for reliable fabrication becomes increasingly more essential. In addition to harvesters, sprayers are a great example of tractors that make use of structural steel.
In addition to using structural steel for agricultural parts, agricultural tools are made from this metal, which reduces the construction time and waste by up to 30%. Many of these parts are made from structural steel, and a specialized company can provide you with the parts you need. For more information about industrial structural steel, please visit Benchmark Fabricated Steel or visit their website. There are many advantages of using steel in agricultural parts.
In addition to the benefits of using structural steel in agricultural applications, agricultural equipment can be built using aluminum alloys and other lightweight metals. Aluminum alloys, for instance, are lighter than steel, which is a great benefit in terms of reducing the weight of farm machinery and soil. Additionally, aluminum alloys are harder than steel, which makes them the ideal choice for dust-filled environments. Further, agricultural equipment can be designed with composite materials and can be made of aluminum or manganese.

Torsional dampers

If you're in the market for a new torsional damper, the best solution might be a bolt-on unit. These units are based on steel spring damper technology, which is also used in clutch disks. They are resistant to temperature-induced aging processes. ZF's solution, DynaDamp, utilizes the same technology as its Dual Mass Flywheel. There are several different sizes available to match the horsepower output of your tractor.
New regulations for tractors have increased demand for torsion control and dampers. Agricultural equipment, such as tractors, is being forced to use cleaner engines to reduce emissions. A torsional damper prevents vibration from spreading throughout the transmission and the rest of the vehicle. These parts can also come in straight spring and arc spring designs. Those with straight springs are the most common, while arc springs are used in agricultural applications.
Hydrodamp agricultural parts are designed to meet the technical demands of today's tractors. Agricultural parts, such as clutch disks, require a high level of protection against torsional vibration. Hydrodamp torsional dampers reduce vibration in the power train, protecting engine components and reducing operator fatigue. Hydrodamp torsional dampers offer low cost and high-performance solutions that can handle any drivetrain application.
Voith Hydrodamp torsional vibration dampers provide hydraulic damping for drive train vibrations and isolation. These units are maintenance-free and can protect against overloads and extend the service life of all components. The hydrodamp has 3 series - engine torques up to 3,700 Nm; vehicle-specific; and application-specific. For the ultimate in performance and dependability, Voith Hydrodamp is the only choice.

Just-in-time delivery

Just-in-time delivery of agricultural parts has become a widely used practice throughout industries. In agricultural production, for example, inputs for implements were in trucks on the day of their delivery and would be delivered to the farm at precisely the right time. This process has become widespread, reducing the need for costly inventories and lowering production, storage, and purchase costs for end-users. Here are 5 examples of how it can help farmers and other businesses.
A typical tractor has over 1,700 components. Increasing competition among automakers has forced manufacturers to move toward just-in-time delivery of agricultural parts. However, this approach fails if a single part fails to deliver the desired results. Farmers have had problems with shaft breaks in their planters, for instance. By using just-in-time delivery, these dealers avoid the problems associated with a last-minute purchase and focus on making the equipment work properly.
A major challenge of this type of supply chain is predicting demand. While JIT delivery can significantly reduce costs, the difficulty of predicting demand is significant. Suppliers must be able to deliver parts in time, ensuring maximum profitability. Agricultural companies must ensure that their suppliers understand demand and have good relationships with their customers. In this way, the cost of inventory management is reduced. And a single, well-designed supply chain can reduce costs.
In order to implement just-in-time delivery, businesses must be able to identify what customers need and how quickly they can supply it. Without such a service, companies may face huge risks. They may have to sacrifice supply, certain products, or entire customer bases. These costs cannot be measured and are therefore unwelcome by many companies. However, JIT can help improve profitability and market share. A comprehensive logistics provider such as Hollingsworth will provide operational procedures and resources for implementing JIT in a business.

Precision-based tech

Agricultural production is increasingly relying on technology for the benefit of farmers and their crops. The underlying science behind precision farming uses computer software and sensors to detect and improve soil conditions. With nearly 475 million farm households around the world, precision agriculture is important, as many of these operations are small and lack resources. The technology is also relevant to farms in developed countries that employ large production systems. However, implementing precision farming may be too expensive for small farms.
The goal of precision agriculture is to increase crop productivity and efficiency while protecting the environment. The use of technology helps farmers make better decisions on when to plant their crops, which can improve yield and quality, as well as cut greenhouse gas emissions. By incorporating precision technology into farming, farmers can use data from the field to plan for the future. Precision agriculture can be used in large and small fields. Precision farming can also help farmers monitor and optimize soil conditions and apply fertilizer at the proper time.
Agricultural equipment must be able to communicate with each other. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, companies can process billions of data points and find meaningful patterns and drivers. This technology is particularly suited to precision agriculture, as data points from the field can include a wide range of environmental factors, including water levels and soil conditions. When smart computer algorithms analyze all this data, they can make intelligent recommendations on crop yield and quality.
Using precision technology for agricultural operations is essential for maximizing crop yield and quality. It can save time and money by optimizing irrigation systems, minimizing crop damage, and improving production. Precision technology can also help farmers reduce the amount of resources used to produce a particular crop. A small farmer can increase the output of a crop while minimizing waste and maximizing profits. With the use of these technologies, farming can be more productive and environmentally sustainable.

China factory Anon Agriculture Orchard Automatic Aiming Garden Sprayer     near me supplier China factory Anon Agriculture Orchard Automatic Aiming Garden Sprayer     near me supplier